21 April, 2013

I need a life, indeed

Guy friend : Habis ini kamu mau ke mana e?
Me              : Ngurus berkas..
Guy friend : Ck, kamu tu, semua orang pada complain ke aku lho jadinya!
Me              : Hahaha aku susah dihubungi?
Guy friend : Ora! Pada ngomong, he mbok kae Aya dikandani.. Ojo kekeselen..

23 January, 2013

Reminiscence // Despair

If this ain’t love, I don’t know what is.

Even if my life were to change....

The tender gaze, soothing voice, and earnest preserverance ~
I pity how those remain… as empty words now.

Guess it just never was, huh?

18 January, 2013

The Importance of Alternative Education

An essay written on 7th April 2012 for DREaM UGM 2012

According to the official website of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) official website, “Today, 75 million children are excluded from education. Seven out of ten live in sub-Saharan Africa or South and West Asia. Sixty per cent of them are girls living in Arab States and sixty-six per cent in South and West Asia. The main reasons for exclusion are poverty, gender inequity, disability, child labor, speaking a minority language, belonging to an indigenous people, and living a nomadic or rural lifestyle.”1 This fact depicts an ironic reality of how education should’ve been in this world – a human right that shall be free and accessible for every individual. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 26 verse 1 says “Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.”2

Unfortunately the current common educational system seems unable to bring that ideal into practice. The reasons hover not only around what’s mentioned earlier by UNESCO, but price is also an important matter. If it’s to be analogized, common education’s already been commercialized – the educational institutions as capital-owners and us, the society as proletarians. The capital-owners can set the price as they wish. Even though advance facilities become their excuse and theoretically government can set the ceiling-price (maximum price), we still don’t see the price is affordable, moreover for the lower-economic-class of the society.

Since common educational system cannot be dependable, we believe another solution is needed as education must still be accessible for every individual. Thus the idea of alternative education popped-up in the society, and the practice’s been there as well. Alternative education is an approach of education which is different from the common one.  It’s usually in the form of small learning communities, individualized and personalized instruction. There are a number of types of alternative education, geared at a wide variety of students, and many nations have some form of alternative educational option available for people who want it, especially in urban areas.

We believe alternative education can meet the necessity of those who find it hard to reach the common educational system. Education is a right. Therefore, it becomes our moral obligations to provide and to serve. Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. Applying alternative education widely in the society will at least help them to get a better living through education.

1 http://www.unesco.org/new/en/education/themes/strengthening-education-systems/inclusive-education/, accessed on April 2nd 2012.
2 http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/, accessed on April 2nd 2012.
18 January, 2013

Such a tender way to end 2012 <3


Dua hari di rumah. Mulai bosan. Mengajak prakanca, banyak yang menolak. Alasan macet katanya. Tapi di kala liburan gini, kalo ngikutin malesnya macet, nggak bakal keluar rumah akhirnya.

#Impulsif1 Menculik Aya, belum tahu mau kemana. Akhirnya ke rumah Salman, berniat menculik dia. Ternyata ada Zaki sekalian yang minta diculik. Lalu kami semua lapar. Pengen kupat tahu. #Impulsif2 Berangkatlah ke Magelang hahaha. Modal nekat, bensin separo, dan pengetahuan jalan seadanya.


Yeah, I’m the one who driving. PP. Dua pria di belakang itu bisa nyetir semua, fyi. Dasarnya kurang ajar aja mereka. Sampai di kota Magelang, makan kupat tahu Pak Slamet di daerah alun-alun. Ajib, enak nian. Kami semua kelaparan, udah lewat jam makan siang, gerimis, dan kupat tahu yang maknyus.

Sebelum pulang, mampir Artos. Yeah #Impulsif3-4. Kita semua nggak tahu jalan. Ternyata parkir masuk artos dialihkan, kalo puter balik males soalnya macet panjang. Sok tahu belok masuk kampung. Main logika. Tapi…

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8 January, 2013

A Venture of Solitude

Sometimes, you might need.........

Feeling miserable, thinking of how pathetic you are and how pitiful your life is, you just ain’t see life as something happy. You are unhappy. THAT unhappy you feel unable to mingle.

“Why don’t you mingle with people?” “Don’t you have your friends?” “Why don’t you share your burdens with them?” “Why don’t you ask them a favor to cheer you up?”

Because you can’t always have the stage and the spotlights, with all eyes and ears on you. People have their own life, activities, worries, and they don’t need you to add their problems. They have enough already. We can have problems, and so can others.

Might as well wanting people to weep with you, crying all over your problems and pity your life. We may feel sad, sadder or even saddest, but that doesn’t justify us from forcing people to be sad for us. Instead, happiness may be overwhelming them while we’re troubled in sorrow. Who knows? And when that happens, that would be ridiculous if we don’t allow them to be happy. We can’t blame people from being happy when we’re not.

Hence, a decision to create some space sounds like a viable solution, no? In that absence of guilt from burdening others, we can get a moment of solitude to think things through; trying to straighten out the tangled thoughts and jumbled feelings. However, we gotta keep in mind that this seclusion ain’t for good. The world won’t wait. It keeps turning around and life goes on while we’re stuck in this ‘stagnancy’.

But during that moment of ‘astral-projection’-alike, an endear friend kept searching, sending inquiries, even retrieving information through a third party. The same person keeps shocking me with his genuine kindness, by showing a breathtaking level of how-devoted-a-best-friend-would-do-anything-for-us to me. I still remember the very same person popped up at my place with a can of coffee and a bar of chocolate right after I broke up with my ex.. when I was choked by tears I barely had the capacity to say a word on phone.. And countless times that person asks how I’m doing and simply gives me a pat on the head to get me through the days.. I can say nothing but thank you to this person. I am blessed. I am grateful, indeed.

Now that days have passed and serenity’s regained, it’s time to open the shades and let the sun shine on thy, people bump on thy, and thy enjoy life to its fullest ∞