essentials in a relationship

things that i felt and thought essentials if you wanna make your relationship last longer. from my perspective. here you go..


thou you don’t always see your lover, thou you only communicate through sms, phone, internet, or whatsoever, you have to put trust on each other. i know it’s not as simple as that, but when trust’s there, you guys will be able to get through anything. i mean anything.

i trust my boyfriend. i trust him more than i could say. and i’m sure same thing goes with him. that’s what makes us together ’til present.


not as simple as you say it, but it’s not impossible either. being open, always communicates every single problem that appears in your relationship, and never hesitate to say when you’re in doubt, will make your relationship stronger. i know it may cause fights, but then i believe : fights make relationships stronger.

lots of fights i’ve faced with my boyfriend. times of hard moments. often tears fall down. but those just make our love stronger and stronger each day.


nobody’s perfect. God’s perfect, but we aren’t. God made every single person in this world with different appearance, characteristic, personality, and ability. that’s the thing that we can’t deny. maybe sometimes we dislike one of ’em from our lover, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to break up because of that. we should learn to accept the whole things from our lover, like it or not. don’t be such an arrogant person. you have to open your eyes as well that you’re not perfect. that maybe several of your behaviors are bad and your lover doesn’t like it. be wise people.

i know that none of us is perfect dear. i know that i look awful when i cry. i know that i think bout things excessively. i know that you were cutely-fat when you were a kid. i know that you sometimes act like a gay (no offense). but i love you just the way you are.

well, it’s not finished on those 3 i suppose, but i’ll write the rest when i’ve finally found ’em out (;



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