it’s been like 3 weeks or so since i had a contact with my dad..

not because i don’t want to — definitely no, but i just can’t..

the distance and different time zones are the hardest parts that we have to fight over;

when i’m free after school or in the evening, he’s busy doing his research,

when he’s done with his work, i’m already on my bed ready to go to sleep..

how i really want to see him face to face, hear his voice, talk to him, feel his presence, and hug him tight..

i wanna tell him in person, how i miss him, how i love him no matter what..

i know i mite not that good of a daughter, but i’ve promised to myself that i will make him proud;

i will do my very best in life.

i will give my hardest effort in every work.

i will reach my highest in stuffs — the good ones of course.

i will not waste this only life i have.

i will devote my life to not disappoint you, Dad.

you can count on me :’)

thanks God for placing me in this family, for giving me a great Dad like him, for giving me this life i’m living in.

i’m grateful, i really am :’)

i love you, Dad



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