It’s what some people try to achieve, some people struggle to earn, and wait to get one..

Not instantly get for sure..

Hard-work and patience are definitely needed .

When finally we’ve earned some; after all the tears and extra-patience, the hard-work to mend one by one, piece per piece, behave real carefully, one condition ruined ’em all.

Oh gosh, we’ve been trying our best to do what’s best for you if you knew.. How much we’ve sacrificed to get your acknowledgement.. How hurt it was when you scolded me.. How aching it was when you acted like a hypocrite.. Yes. You acted like a hypocrite for zillion times!

I’m tired.. I’m sick of always trying to fulfill what you want; which mostly contradict with what i want..

whatsoever. i’m not gonna rely that much on what you think.


2 Comments to “Trust”

  1. wooo tentang apa ini? D:

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