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22 December, 2010

Pinned Down To The Ground

Wish my life were a carousel; it could easily turn around and move on no matter what the circumstances around are, ‘coz well, that’s what carousels do.

21 December, 2010


I am currently crying after I read Alif’s article in his blog..

I was there, and what I saw gave a giant-sized-hand-slap right on my face..

People, be grateful for what you’ve had in your life, and try your best to make those you have stay close and stick with you.

p.s : have a click on that link so you’ll know exactly what I mean

8 December, 2010

My Life, My Rules

I bet you’ve (also) ever been disappointed by someone.

The cause or reason is various, depends on each occasion. For me, the most reason is because : things do not go according to my expectations; because my hopes, they just don’t come true.

The world is cruel; evilishly cruel. Reality is way different than your paradise in your dream.

Well, therefore after sort of  my past lifetime experiences, I now learn one thing :


conclusion : DO NOT HAVE HOPES.

p.s : but it’s my life, my rules. yours might be different. cheers!

5 December, 2010


I’ve never imagined having such feeling for the umpteenth time. But well, shit happens. A lot. Thus no wonder if right now I’m sitting here in the corner of my room feeling another hollowness inside of me.

I’m lonesome I could die.

Not exaggerating the fact that you have fun with no-existence of me. For zillion times. That’s suffering enough if you knew.

I used to think you’re all good; I still kinda think so thou, but regarding the occurrences in recent days, that thought wipes out slowly, but surely killing me. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I still want to mingle with you… –haha call me an idiot, for still trying to reach your embrace after all these

How should I mend the path to be around you?

Which part did I do wrong?

Didn’t I do enough?

Who am I to you?

5 December, 2010

Black Hole

It’s this feeling again.. The feeling I’ve been trying to hinder and diminish..

Is it only my feeling, or is it a plain fact that I’m being left (again and again)..? :’)