Dad’s Arrival :D

Today is 2nd of December; that means next week is 9th of December; which means Daddy is coming home! :’DDDD

Call me childish, call me spoiled, call me ridiculous, call me worthless. I seriously don’t give any shit to those craps.

All i know is i’m anxious for that day. I’m eager to see my Dad oh so badly- none of you could ever imagine.

Fyi, it’s been a year-ish since the last time we met in person. And the last time we met only last for less than a month. During this past 1 year he was in Munster, Germany, to do his research for his Ph.D.

You guys have no idea how it feels.

The fact that when i was 3-ish years old, he went to Singapore for 3 years for his Masters. Still don’t get what that means? Let me enlighten you, that means he (kinda)  missed my childhood. Do you know how important father is for toddlers? A hell lot. Teachers in kindergarten usually asked about our parents; not saying that i couldn’t answer, but i didn’t really get what he’s doing and going for at that time. Don’t forget your peers. How their parents (mom and dad) usually picked them up, or accompanied them to every occasion at school. I envied. There, i say it.

I don’t hate my Dad. NOT AT ALL. It’s just that I’m yearning for him; his presence, his cuddle, his jokes, his care, everything!

Then he left (again) to Germany for his Ph.D. also for 3 years. He left at the beginning of my 1st year in High School. Do you know what that means? It means he’s gonna miss my teen-hood. And well, he does miss it.

I’m not being needy (or maybe i am), i was just expecting to have a normal life. I wanna grow up normally, i want my parents to be my escort in that transition phase.

But well, truth bites, and shits do happen. often. a lot. haha. i don’t wanna make it matter that much, i wanna show to him that i grow up according to plan :’D

cant hardly wait to pick up my Dad at the airport and give him all the hugs we’ve been postponing this 1 year :’D


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