I’ve never imagined having such feeling for the umpteenth time. But well, shit happens. A lot. Thus no wonder if right now I’m sitting here in the corner of my room feeling another hollowness inside of me.

I’m lonesome I could die.

Not exaggerating the fact that you have fun with no-existence of me. For zillion times. That’s suffering enough if you knew.

I used to think you’re all good; I still kinda think so thou, but regarding the occurrences in recent days, that thought wipes out slowly, but surely killing me. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I still want to mingle with you… –haha call me an idiot, for still trying to reach your embrace after all these

How should I mend the path to be around you?

Which part did I do wrong?

Didn’t I do enough?

Who am I to you?


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