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30 January, 2011


Time does fly.

Now we’re living on today, when we’ve been knowing each other for 1 year-ish!

I could see it very clear in my mind; the first day we met and knew each other. Yea, debate met us :’)

Hihi to be honest, I never thought we would end up like this: together. But i guess it’s just how God works; secretly, unexpected, beautiful.

I am grateful indeed. How could i not? Thanks God :’D

15 January, 2011

The Men of My Life

Last week, 8th January 2011 my Dad left to Germany.

Exactly one week after which is today, 15th January 2011 my brother left to Bandung.

The men of my life are no longer around me, You’ve sent them away, God..

Now I can only count on You, and you :’)

11 January, 2011


Yello! ♥

Long time no touchy this bloggy-wiggy! Haha sorry for the long absence and negligence of mine during the last few weeks, I was just too busy making troubles and rockin with my complete family! :’D I’ve told you that my Dad would come on 8th December, haven’t I? And yup, he did come, he took the family out very often til I found myself kinda abandoning my social networking sites, including this blog :B

Yayayayay I was very extremely happy a lot very much when he came! His suitcase was laden by lots of gifts and souvenirs and chocolate for us :3 He’s just very kind thinking about us that much even though he’s busy there doing his research..


Oya, the Christmas celebration was nice too; though I still think last year was more sparkling haha, but the joy of Christmas was there and I am oh so thankful for God’s grace!

New year’s eve was not much but memorable. My full fam plus boyfriend and girlfriend of my sis and bro were gathering at the house, playing Uno stacko, eating McD and ice cream, reading Bible and having reflection led by my Dad. *I cried :’B* Exactly at 00.00 we went out of the house playing the ‘lights-propeller’ we bought at Alun-alun Utara  the day before and watched free-fireworks in the sky! Rockin new year’s eve!

Enough for now. I gotta go or my mom will show her expertise in speech and wordings :B


11 January, 2011

On-the-edge-of-extinction Greetings

Merry (expired) Christmas and Happy (very belated) New Year fellaaas! :D