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24 February, 2011

Just My Luck

How ironic.

I need to relieve one feeling when you can’t talk to me..

I crave for your embrace when you can’t give me any..

I get my ‘me-time’ exactly when I’m dying for your embrace..

I’m trying to reach you just when you’re unreachable.. :’)

I guess it’s just always been a bad timing..

15 February, 2011

Mission: Complete!

Having a boyfriend who’s really good at cooking is sure a big dilemma; especially if you are a type of person who don’t cook.

And that’s what happening to me! He is a very reliable chef who often cooks undoubtedly tasty foods  for me, while I’m a person who never makes anything edible in my lifetime so far -____-

As a girlfriend, I feel proud and pleased having him cook something for me. But as a woman, I feel somehow a bit degraded.

That’s why, I intended to have one mission: cook something for my boyfriend. And yesterday; on Valentine’s Day, I finally did, and I can’t say that was a failure!! :D

double-layered pancake, filled with choco n cheese, plus choco ice cream as topping :3

I couldn’t guarantee that it’d taste good, but he said it was! *hop*hop*

Now I can officially declare: mission complete!

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! ♥

11 February, 2011


Uyeaahh I’m now putting myself into a secret mission :9 hihi. Don’t expect me to save the world or any other spectacular-heroic-thingy guys, haha, I’m just gonna do one simple thing for now. Not saying I’ll surely succeed thou -__- but I’ll give my best shot!!

Anyway, this afternoon I’ve submitted the application form to Atma Jaya already. Gosh, if you knew the hectic effort behind that…. Well, all is done now; at least for me, I can only pray and let You do the rest, God! :’D

Please pray for me too, whoever reads this scribble!

8 February, 2011


Yello fellow marshmallow! :3

Hahaha skip that randomness of mine. I’ll just post a short one this time.

This afternoon at school I was somehow suddenly interviewed by two kind reporters of Tribun Jogja News. It was more like a chit-chat with friends rather than a formal interview actually, hehe. Gladly, it’s already published on the web!

Sooo, feel free to have a click, fellas! ;D    —-> The Article

4 February, 2011

Boredom’s Haunt

I’m an easy-to-get-bored creature.

So here’s one of the stories of it. I changed my blog’s theme to ‘monochrome’ like 2 months-ish ago, but I just can’t stand enjoying it 2 weeks-ish after. Why? Because I’m simply bored. Very very much a lot. But apparently I didn’t find anything good to replace the old one, or I just simply had no time to do so :B hihi but after some time, I finally did!!!

Therefooore, now I present a brand new look of ma blog, fellas!! :3 *firework*

Haha I’m not born to be a somewhat funny person unfortunately. But hell with that, I am born to be special in other particular thing I believe C:

Anyway, about the easily-get-bored thingy; yes I am. But I have a big BUT upon that line.

“Me is juz contradicting maself -___-”

But it’s fact!

My lover and I have been together for 10 months, but I ain’t get bored even for a slight bit! :’D