Boredom’s Haunt

I’m an easy-to-get-bored creature.

So here’s one of the stories of it. I changed my blog’s theme to ‘monochrome’ like 2 months-ish ago, but I just can’t stand enjoying it 2 weeks-ish after. Why? Because I’m simply bored. Very very much a lot. But apparently I didn’t find anything good to replace the old one, or I just simply had no time to do so :B hihi but after some time, I finally did!!!

Therefooore, now I present a brand new look of ma blog, fellas!! :3 *firework*

Haha I’m not born to be a somewhat funny person unfortunately. But hell with that, I am born to be special in other particular thing I believe C:

Anyway, about the easily-get-bored thingy; yes I am. But I have a big BUT upon that line.

“Me is juz contradicting maself -___-”

But it’s fact!

My lover and I have been together for 10 months, but I ain’t get bored even for a slight bit! :’D


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