Mission: Complete!

Having a boyfriend who’s really good at cooking is sure a big dilemma; especially if you are a type of person who don’t cook.

And that’s what happening to me! He is a very reliable chef who often cooks undoubtedly tasty foods  for me, while I’m a person who never makes anything edible in my lifetime so far -____-

As a girlfriend, I feel proud and pleased having him cook something for me. But as a woman, I feel somehow a bit degraded.

That’s why, I intended to have one mission: cook something for my boyfriend. And yesterday; on Valentine’s Day, I finally did, and I can’t say that was a failure!! :D

double-layered pancake, filled with choco n cheese, plus choco ice cream as topping :3

I couldn’t guarantee that it’d taste good, but he said it was! *hop*hop*

Now I can officially declare: mission complete!

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! ♥


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