Marathon Exams

Yohoo, fellas!

It’s been a hectic life lately, I hardly had the time to take some rest and have some fun..hiks 12th grader’s life is damn harsh T____T

Anyway anyhow, I’m going to face marathon exams for the next 3 weeks-ish. Not only that, my Atma Jaya interview will also be held in two freakin days! kyakyaaa I’m uber nervous ><

Oh well, here’s the scHE(LL)dule :

7th – 11th March : Practical Exams part 1

8th March : UAJY interview

14th – 21st March : School Exams

22nd – 23rd March : Practical Exams part 2

Please pray for my succeed and wish me luck, folks!

p.s: regarding those stressful days ahead, pardon me if i become overly sensitive and lose my temper.. i do that when i’m depressed.. sowwyyy :(


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