Happy Feast!

So this is a belated-Dillo’s-birthday-treat! :D hahaha. How come this is not belated; her birthday was on 7th of February but the treat was last week, to be exact on 3rd March! LOLs

All in all, it was as fun thou. Regarding the busy schedule of each of us, it made us hardly ever go together as a full team: FRIEND. Therefore, we won’t waste a time when we can hang out and rock the day! \m/

Oya oya, forgotten story :B

So we were planning to go to Mozarella, a pizza booth at Galeria Mall. I went there on Njx’s ride, and we got ‘kebanan’ just exactly when we reached the mall *sigh* How lucky we could’ve been, eh? So Njx and I had a trauma upon this occurence – we’ve occured this twice-in-a-row when we were on the 11th grade. Long story. Yak, so we straightly pushed the motorbike to the nearest ‘tambal ban’ which was not near at all, especially when you have to push a Vario with the engine dead .__. We were planning to leave the motorbike there and went back to Galeria to eat, but apparently the process didn’t take a long time so we waited. Buuuut, we brought no wallet! We left our wallets in our bags and they were brought by our friends. Hahahaha. Fortunately Njx brought some cash in her pocket, but the money wasn’t enough, so we owed to that mas-mas and promised that we would come back later with the money! Hahahaha shameful shameful :”>

Nevertheless, we made it to Mozarella and ordered 6 small pan pizzas with 4 different toppings.  I couldn’t differ any of them thou, they all tasted the same -__- haha.

Regardless the unlucky events – ‘kebanan’ and a fight with my bf :( , we still had some fun and took silly pics there! :D



2 Comments to “Happy Feast!”

  1. kenapa kamu nggak nyeritain ke-ban-an kita yang kesekian kalinya? lol :))

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