A Day with Grudge and Anxiety, and Massive Cheeks

Today I was supposed to have 2 practical exams; IT and Religion. Because of blah blah blah the Religion test was postponed til tomorrow, so I’m gonna face 3 amazing tests tomorrow haha *ironic laugh*. That’s not the point anyway.

So the IT test wasn’t supposed to be THAT hard. However, I failed in making the Ms. Word thing thou. Darn it. I did the HTML only in 10 mins or so, but I still couldn’t make it with the Word!! I just couldn’t find out how on earth to make it look exactly like the test sheet, goosshhh.

Next is Religion. Apparently my friend’s presentation was somehow vanished because of a virus, so she re-made it from the very first slide, so we planned to postpone the test to give her time. Meanwhile, I told my friends that I wasn’t sure with mine, because there’s no such material in our book entitled ‘Pandangan Iman Kristen tentang Keluarga’ which is my topic. So what I made was just what I found in a piece of paper from my teacher which is full of repetition; ‘cinta kasih’ here and there in 3 subtitles. Then I got panic. With an advice from a friend, I tried to search it in my teacher’s books, then I found one entitled ‘Dasar Keluarga Kristen’, and guess what? That’s supposed to be my presentation. Uyeaaaahhh, nice!! So now I gotta re-make mine hahahahahahaa *laugh in tears and full of sarcasm*

The story doesn’t stop there. I had a chit-chat with Dillo about the Indonesian verbal test which she already faced the day before. She said she was worried if her essay wasn’t in line with the theme given. Then I got panic for the second time. Oh nooo, what I wrote was totally random eventhough I made it according to the literal meaning of the theme T____T so I picked about ‘Mass Media’s Effect in Maturing and Providing Knowledge Towards Teenagers’ and I wrote about Mass Media’s Effect in Maturing and Providing Knowledge Towards Teenagers just like that, with no statistics whatsoever inside. Hahaha .___. I wonder how would the teachers criticize me and mine on the D-day. Nice.

Meehhh.. All is not well. Hosh hosh. As a refreshment, I looked at some pictures of mine when I was in the 10th grade hahahaha. They do bring back some memories, but also remind me of how massive my cheeks were. Seriously. They were like dominating on my face and make me look like err, like this:

Well, not saying they’re now not as massive thou…



2 Comments to “A Day with Grudge and Anxiety, and Massive Cheeks”

  1. ehem hey hey wajahku beda satu foto sama yg lain -___-

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