Sudden Adventure to Solo


I’m now in a temporary holiday for a week btw, so I can enjoy some spare time before the National Exams \m/

Anyhow, last Saturday 26th March 2011, I suddenly had to go to Solo for a debate competition. So the plan I knew was the NSDC Jogja team (Alif, Danu, Almas) who were going to go there, but because of some reasons only Alif and Danu who could, and I also wanted to come with :3 But the thing was: they were not sure about the plan, thus they didn’t prepare a thing. Apparently at 5 am Mas Adi called Alif and asked them to go to Lempuyangan right away.

Well, God has another plan. Danu’s phone and mine were somehow in silent mode, therefore we didn’t realize if Alif called (for mm.. 20-ish times). Finally Mas Adi and Alif went first by train (Prameks) because Danu came late to the railway station and I just woke up. Another unfortunate event; the train they took wasn’t taking them to Solo, but Wates; which is on the other part of Jogja. Nice. Alif texted me rightaway and told me the condition, he asked me to come with to Solo to be his teammate. I confirmed.

So I went to Lempuyangan and met Danu there, soon after that Mas Adi came with Alif on a rented car. Yak, we were heading to Solo, to Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret to be exact and we were late for the competition. We missed 1 preliminary round. Mas Adi as the CA (Chief Adjudicator) was late as well.. Thank God we could catch up and won the rest 3 preliminary rounds and made it to the Octo Finals the following day!

Oya, I also had a small reunion with Arbi and Neo (NSDC Jateng 2011) there :D

Another surprising news: the adjudicators (JDF) had planned to stay over a night at Solo, including Mas Adi. So that was the master plan that we didn’t acknowledge. Great. We brought nothing but our debating book and some cash in our bags. I told my Mom and she was so kind bringing some clothes from Jogja that night.

That night the committee brought us to the logging; Asrama Mahasiswa UNS. The building looked so fancy from a distance, with its glamorous paint and lighting, but it was surrounded by abandoned-spooky-buildings, and the inside of it was… ‘telek burung’ here and there. No offense.

Regardless we were all tired, we (Adjus and team SMA 8 Yk) went out that night to Galabo; a road where there’s no vehicles there, and it’s used as food court. As nearby there was also a live music performance, after finishing our food me and Alif watched it. They were greaaat! My mom and my bro came and met me there, and they brought us clothes, for me and the boys. And that night was ended with a tight sleep but not long enough -,-

We woke up in the morning and prepared for the competition day 2. After we reached the venue, another problem appeared. Some participants and teachers felt unfair if our team could break to the Octo as we missed 1 prelim the day before. But heeeyyy, there’s no such rule saying that we could be kicked out because of that. The rule only says that if we’re late for 1 round, then we will lose WO, and we accepted that. The fact is we won 3 times therefore we have enough victory point to proceed to the Octo. After some serious talk and voting (doh!) we could break but our position was moved from rank 5th to 7th. No problemo.

In the end we won anyway! 1st place! We brought home the trophy, cash, and prestige!

Well, the clock showed it was 18.11 pm, and the last train to Jogja would be at 18.45 pm. Geez, we quickly took the trophy and the cash, and took pictures with the committee as their demand, and ran downstairs. We were gathered there, 12 people, waiting for the car to take us to Solo Balapan. Apparently there was only 1 car provided by the committee and it could only carry 8 passengers. Bravo. As we didn’t want any of us left at Solo, we pressed 12 people+1 driver in a Kijang/Panther. Hahaha it was fun and full and fun! We disobeyed the traffic light here and there and reached the station in time. We bought 12 tickets and jumped into the train. Unfortunately in the next station, a group of drunk ‘gondes‘ went in. Euwh. Thank God we could reach Jogja safe and sound.. :)

End of the story.

Viva SMA 8 Yogyakarta! Long live Jogja!


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