When An Opportunist Meets Golden Gate

I know a 12th grader should’ve been studying these days for UAN, but well, life’s just no good without a slight of fun, isn’t it? ;)

Yesterday was exhausting yet fun! :D

My mom, brother, bro’s gf, and i went to Solo (again for me), this time is literally for vacation!! ~(‘.’~)(~’.’)~

Here goes the destinations:

1. Pandawa Water Park

We departed from home at 9.30-ish, supposedly we got there maximum 1.30-ish hours later, but due to some technical mistakes in guessing the roads, we got there approximately 3 hours later -__- hahah. The pool was still lack of people when we came, so we could somehow dominate it :3






2. Solo Grand Mall

Thank God we successfully got there without any serious difficulty in picking the route.. My mom and I wandered at Matahari (doh! like we don’t have one at Jogja) and my eyes caught a glimpse of this cutey wallet and fell in love at once!

Chatelain wallet + calendar (bonus)

Delighted :)


3. Serabi Solo Seller along the road

We stopped by to buy 10 pieces of it. I may say it’s Javanese pancake hihi.





4. Orion Bakery

Unfortunately we lost our good hunches in picking the road, so we took waaay further route to reach this place. Btw, this site is a legendary bakery. Its famous products as I knew are Mandarijn cake and Semir Cake. They’re simply extraordinarily tasty.


5.  Nasi Liwet ‘Yu Tukinem’ at Solo Baru

There were actually several options to buy nasi liwet, but I picked this place because it looks clean :) Nasi liwet tastes oh so good.. The price is not expensive as well:

Nasi liwet biasa (rice, oseng jipang, sliced chicken) : IDR 4000

Nasi liwet+egg : IDR 6000

Nasi liwet+chicken drumstick : IDR 9000

Yummy :9

After all those, we went home to Jogja and only spent 1 hour-ish to get home. Kewl.

You should try out those sites if you have a visit to Solo, fellas! ;D



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