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25 April, 2011

Half Alive

It’s four AM, I’m waking up to your perfume

Don’t get up, I’ll get through on my own

I don’t know if I’m home

Or if I lost the way into your room

I’m spiraling into my doom

I’m feeling half alive but I know one day

You and I will be free,


To live and die by our own rules,


Despite the fact that men are fools.


I’m almost alive, and I need you to try

And save me.

It’s okay that we’re dying,

But I need to survive tonight, tonight.


Well excuse me while I get killed softly,

Heart slows down and I can hardly tell you I’m okay

At least ’til yesterday,

You know you got me off my highest guard,

Believe me when I say it’s hard.

We’ll get through this tonight

And I know one day you and I will be free..


And you touch my hand ever so slightly

(Boy we’re not ready for this yet)

And the deadly look he cast upon me

I won’t regret, I won’t regret

I won’t regret. I won’t regret…


And I was trying to disappear,

But you got me wrapped around you

I can hardly breathe without you

I was trying to disappear

But I got lost in your eyes now,

You brought me down to size now.


I’m almost alive

And I need you to try and save me.

It’s okay that we’re dying

But I need to survive tonight, tonight


 – adapted from ‘Half Alive’ by Secondhand Serenade –


“I find it hard to breathe.. Please don’t.. I can barely take it….”

12 April, 2011

#SBIUnite Unites for Orphans


This afternoon #SBIUnite had a visit to an orphanage named Panti Asuhan Yatim Putra Islam at Giwangan, Yogyakarta. We brought some foods, clothes, books and cash for the kids there.

As it was a Moslem orphanage and there were only boys there, it would’ve been kinda awkward for us (girls) to make the first approach and mingle with them, hehe, so we (I) rather stayed where I sat and just looked around from my seat :B

Oya, thanks to mas Addin for the help! :D

Cheer up, boys! I know life’s been harsh for you, but your future is another story; it’s in your own hand, whether you want to make it as unfortunate or you want to work hard for a bright one.. Cheers! :)

11 April, 2011

(Gotta) Get Smart!

Day-7 UAN

Feel the tense….

Hard study followed by prayers will bring us to success.

Good luck for all 12th graders. Let’s nail UAN! \m/

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3 : 5-6

3 April, 2011

A Year for A Lifetime

People say a year is a long time to be together, I say otherwise. If our relation is seen as a baby, we wouldn’t even know how to walk yet; for this is only the beginning. A year is the time for us to get to know each other, to adjust and reconstruct our thoughts and way of life; that we’re not alone anymore. And if we fight and quarrel along the way, it’s only natural, cause this is only the start; for us to understand the concept of sharing and caring. We still have a long way to go, for before we can run, we need to learn how to make a step, and a year is only enough for us to learn how to stand. And girl, I’m loving every single second of it

– Alif Satria


Thank you Lord for giving him as my escort.. :’)

Oh how I cherish every single moment we spend together..


Happy Anniversary! ♥