A Year for A Lifetime

People say a year is a long time to be together, I say otherwise. If our relation is seen as a baby, we wouldn’t even know how to walk yet; for this is only the beginning. A year is the time for us to get to know each other, to adjust and reconstruct our thoughts and way of life; that we’re not alone anymore. And if we fight and quarrel along the way, it’s only natural, cause this is only the start; for us to understand the concept of sharing and caring. We still have a long way to go, for before we can run, we need to learn how to make a step, and a year is only enough for us to learn how to stand. And girl, I’m loving every single second of it

– Alif Satria


Thank you Lord for giving him as my escort.. :’)

Oh how I cherish every single moment we spend together..


Happy Anniversary! ♥


2 Comments to “A Year for A Lifetime”

  1. ciye pepAYA :3


    Langgeng langgeng deh, terus ntar ngundang ngundang y a <3

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