Half Alive

It’s four AM, I’m waking up to your perfume

Don’t get up, I’ll get through on my own

I don’t know if I’m home

Or if I lost the way into your room

I’m spiraling into my doom

I’m feeling half alive but I know one day

You and I will be free,


To live and die by our own rules,


Despite the fact that men are fools.


I’m almost alive, and I need you to try

And save me.

It’s okay that we’re dying,

But I need to survive tonight, tonight.


Well excuse me while I get killed softly,

Heart slows down and I can hardly tell you I’m okay

At least ’til yesterday,

You know you got me off my highest guard,

Believe me when I say it’s hard.

We’ll get through this tonight

And I know one day you and I will be free..


And you touch my hand ever so slightly

(Boy we’re not ready for this yet)

And the deadly look he cast upon me

I won’t regret, I won’t regret

I won’t regret. I won’t regret…


And I was trying to disappear,

But you got me wrapped around you

I can hardly breathe without you

I was trying to disappear

But I got lost in your eyes now,

You brought me down to size now.


I’m almost alive

And I need you to try and save me.

It’s okay that we’re dying

But I need to survive tonight, tonight


 – adapted from ‘Half Alive’ by Secondhand Serenade –


“I find it hard to breathe.. Please don’t.. I can barely take it….”


3 Comments to “Half Alive”

  1. nice! ehmm….ehmmm…. argh! gak usah koment pake bahasa inggris… ribet! tapi tulisannya memperbolehkan pembaca especially me…. buat terus baca…

  2. ehmmm…. mega itu temen aku smp…. yah,,,, dia excellence bgt! lam kenal….!

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