Future Leaders from Yogyakarta!

Be careful of what you’re asking for. One day you wish you had more activity in a long spare holiday, the next day you’ll be drown with a hell lot of business(es).

– Gratsia Kancanamaya (30th April 2011)

This is solely another answer to a prayer, hahah *ironic laugh*. In spite of the whole work I have to accomplish and the responsibility, I am grateful for being in the team indeed :’>

It’s such an honor to be there with such great people; they have awesome skills individually, and I believe, gathering them in this team will make it dazzle!

What I’m talking here is Indonesian Future Leaders (IFL) chapter Yogyakarta :)

It’s a non-profit and non-governmental youth organization which runs in social actions by empowering the youths in Yogyakarta. It’s a new organization, precisely established on the 19th April 2011. Regardless the age, we’ve already settled our plan for 1 year ahead, and we’re going to make ’em true :) For now, we’re working on our publication and introduction towards Yogyakartan’s youths through mass media (radio, newspaper, magz) and cyber world.

Our closest event is the ‘Soft Launching’ which will be held on the 2nd week of June 2011 at TVRI Yogyakarta.

The next one is the ‘Open Recruitment’ which will choose the core team, and it will be held on June as well.

If you’re interested to cooperate with us, be our sponsor or partner, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment in this post, or mention me at my twitter account :)

If you want to know a lot more about IFL chapter Yogyakarta, follow its twitter account! ;)

Let’s make a change and devote our skills and creativity for a better Indonesia, dear future leaders!


4 Comments to “Future Leaders from Yogyakarta!”

  1. mau dong ikutan :3

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