Tracing Back the Path

Yesterday, 22nd of May 2011, was one of the most memorable day in my life. It was my graduation ceremony; graduation of 2011 class of SMA Negeri 8 Yogyakarta.


Joy, pride, anxiety, sadness, all mixed up in once. Stunned me, and a saying from my buddy was recalled in my head..

He said that we would feel the exact feeling of being a part of Delayota when we were about to graduate. Because there are these phases:

10th grade : It’s a time when we’re all shrouded in the euphoria of being a High School student. We brag for our uniforms, we hang out in malls or elsewhere wearing uniforms, we want to show the world that we are now entering a new world; a world that defines teenagers’ life best.

11th grade : It’s a time when we’re ‘competing’ for ‘existence‘. We participate in committees of stuffs, letting us busy holding events, enslave ourselves to show abilities or merely for ‘existence’ (for some people, who knows?). We hang around with people, trying to get fame from peers. Might as well ignore studying :p

12th grade : We see a gate at front, and we know that we’re going to go through it. We acknowledge that it’s just a matter of time; months, weeks, days left. Then we start to look back, seeing the 2 years we’ve been through, comprehending what we’ve done for the past 2 years, and realize how important each person is. They might seem common, our friends. Because something special, if it happens regularly, it may become something common. But when we trace back our memories, we start noticing, that they mean so much to us..

Dear friends, teachers, and all family of Delayota, each of you guys have spread your own lines and colors in my life, spicing it up, and creating your own spaces in my memory.. I’m sorry for this late epiphany.. I’m sorry if I often misbehaved.. And thank you, for being a part of my life..

I’ll miss y’all guys.. :’)


One Comment to “Tracing Back the Path”

  1. meriah ya??? pertanyaannya gimana bisa terus menjalin pertemana, atau persahabatan dengan teman seangkatan yang udah pada lulus? kalo buat acara, acara nya apa?

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