Delayota Second International Class (DESERT 2011)

My class ever since I entered High School. Eventhou the composition of people did change in the second year, I’d still say that we were always together for 3 years.

It only consisted of 20 students during the first year, and on the last year Kania and Hanif joined in after they undergo AFS exchange students program.

I’m really proud to be with those great people. They have such skills that make me bewildered; music, artsy, academics, olympics, debate, IT, design, leadership, sports, and some others. They’re also nice people to be hang around with!

We often dealt with mess during our times together. The naughty girls who got caught while skipping Civic education class at the 10th grade (OMG), the guys who played cards in almost every transition times between subjects and got scolded by the teachers, when we secretly took photographs during Mrs. Udi’s class (kyaa can’t forget) and also when we made her pissed by accidentally dropping the Infaq box -___- lotsa unforgettable stories :’)

It’s not rare if we dealt with teachers, cause there’s like this magnet which attracted problems towards us.

Not few teachers underestimated us, and saw us as nothing more than troublemakers. But please, don’t get us wrong Sir/Mam..

We’ve shown you that we do have quality.

Look at the result of Final Examination; XII SBI 2 got the highest average score.

Eventhou none of the students who got highest scores came from our class, we still got that title. What does that mean? All of us are good enough equally.

Next, the Varsities Selection Test; 20 students are accepted in UGM (state univ), 1 in UPN (private), the other 1 in UAJY (private).

Ain’t that awesome?! Most of them went through the test successfully! Our future isn’t that sorrow, Sir/Mam.. We can.

Well, I have to say sorry actually, for not picking state varsity.. My decision is final, and I don’t regret a thing :) I pick that varsity after a comparison study; its content of lectures, materials, focus of study, quality of lecturers, and testimony from students of each varsity.

I believe that great people will always be great wherever they are. No matter where they study, they’ll always give their best shot. Why? Cause they’re truly great people. They’ll always shine :)

I’m sooo proud of you, Desert. People with dedication and high determination, and you guys have proven your quality.

I’m grateful for having the chance to know you more, and I’m so gonna miss you all :’)




6 Comments to “DESERT♥”

  1. yeeey kentang :3

  2. What a blog, Aya! I love the way you write everything. Fyi, yes indeed great people will always be great wherever they are :) seize ur day, shoot ur moon.

    • First of all, let me deliver my apology for this late response, mba Fellaaa. Second, t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u! Your testimonial does mean a lot to me :’D anyway, I’d like to compliment your awesome writings as well!! Yaayy, keep writing to broaden our horizons!
      Looking forward to see you again. Warmest regards :)

  3. Panjang bener deh balasan kamu Ay. Kayak kirim e-mail aja :D

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