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19 July, 2011

18th Blast!

Late post, I know. But I believe it’s never too late to share happiness! :D

Exactly last week, 12th July 2011 was my 18th birthday. I was shrouded in joy 24 hours non stop! Thanks to my dearest boyfie, my family, my awesome #friend, my IFL fellas, and all of my friends! :’D

Thank you boyfie for your first blast right when that day came..

Thank you #friend for the surprise and the cutesy handmade curtain..

Thank you IFL fellas and all of my friends for the kind greetings; live, via SMS, twitter, and facebook..

Thank you boyfie for the sweet bouquet of flowers, for the sun-like dress, for the short-yet-lovely dinner date, and for all the love you’ve constantly poured down to me..

Thank you my family for the dinner, the surprise, and simply for everything..

Boyfie's; date - bouquet - dress - moi


Ilma's Patrick papercraft - #FRIEND's handmade curtain


Family's blast


Superb!♡ xx

11 July, 2011

A Night to Remember

7th July 2011

at SMA Negeri 8 Yogyakarta

18.00 – til drop

My oh my, such an unforgettable nite with my dearest Pakci #37! All the girls dressed up in gorgeous looks, all the boys were awesome in their tux, smiley faces everywhere. We were all overwhelmed by countless joy :’)

Words can’t describe how I was exactly feeling that night. With all the anxiety before the D-day, my friends and I prepared for that party. It was kinda silly actually on how we were hovering in my bedroom, busy with ourselves :p hihi but it turned out not bad at all, my friends looked verrrry prettieh! :D

Talking about the party; there were 3 acoustic performances if I’m not mistaken, and they were all GREAT! Really really qualified to perform in sucha big night! Two thumbs up! (y) The speech I remember was only the one delivered by Ms. Rindang; it was quite touching as she was our Sociology teacher in the 10th grade and she does remember the name of every student!

The final part was watching class of 2011’s movie. It was…. sweet :’) eventhou I do wish the duration was longer, but it wasn’t disappointing at all. The party was ended by that movie, our pledge to gather in our school 5 years later, and FIREWORKS! Woohoo!

Oya, our yearbook was also given that night, and it becomes my favorite book now. Yay!

Thanks to the yearbook committee, class’ movie committee, and prom committee; for letting us celebrate our graduation in a fabulous way and make it more preciously unforgettable! :’D

See you on 7th July 2016 with our own success, Pakci 37!

7 July, 2011

It Gotta Be YOU


Life would be sweeter

if I just knew things better

So why did I get slammed by the door?

Should I look for another

or should I choose another man

Things may turn out differently

If we can’t be together

I think I can’t be bothered

but why do I keep thinking of you?

I never wanted this to happen

but it feels like I’m in heaven or hell

every time you are near

You’re the object of my affection

I’m longing for your attention

You’re the one that I’ve been clinging to

Your eyes are filled with passion

Is this just a physical reaction?

Who cares

I think that we’re meant to be

Mocca – The Object of My Affection

Anyhow, tonight’s Delayota Farewell Party a.k.a. promnite!

Anxious? Sure.

How’s the prepping? Not much, ’cause Imma be there not to impress, but to treasure the precious moments :)
See you there, Pakci 37!