18th Blast!

Late post, I know. But I believe it’s never too late to share happiness! :D

Exactly last week, 12th July 2011 was my 18th birthday. I was shrouded in joy 24 hours non stop! Thanks to my dearest boyfie, my family, my awesome #friend, my IFL fellas, and all of my friends! :’D

Thank you boyfie for your first blast right when that day came..

Thank you #friend for the surprise and the cutesy handmade curtain..

Thank you IFL fellas and all of my friends for the kind greetings; live, via SMS, twitter, and facebook..

Thank you boyfie for the sweet bouquet of flowers, for the sun-like dress, for the short-yet-lovely dinner date, and for all the love you’ve constantly poured down to me..

Thank you my family for the dinner, the surprise, and simply for everything..

Boyfie's; date - bouquet - dress - moi


Ilma's Patrick papercraft - #FRIEND's handmade curtain


Family's blast


Superb!♡ xx


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