Words of Clarification


Never meant to abandon this blog, but it just happened to be so :p Been busy with life-changing moments within the past 6 months, and some of them are  still breathtaking no matter how soon time flies… College-life, love-life, family-life, friendship-life, pet-life, debate-life, organization-life, and I can almost put any noun and add them with ‘life’ to make up excuses, hihi.

To make it short, I’ll leave the details in mind and post my stories sporadically in the next posts. Actually I’ve posted something right before this one, and for additional information, that was a summary of what’s been happening to me this past semester, hihi. Even though once again I gotta admit that very least people read this blog, so.. I guess I’ll cause harm-slash-boredom to least people as well 8′))

Words are boring, I know, but I know no other way to tell a story better. So I guess I’ll stick with this conventional way because old-school’s cool, and anti-mainstream rocks! \m/


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