February’s Story

Have you ever felt the slightest of jealousy for not being able to go for a holiday trip with your high school mates?

Have you ever felt worried for skipping the first KRS and key-in process in your life? (They’re not just simple matters, trust me)

Have you ever been pissed off for skipping your first week of college for a character building thingy held by your campus, and apparently you’re counted as ‘alpha’ in the computer’s presences database?

Have you ever felt like missing your home & your family too much, as you could only spend 4 days in 3 weeks with them?

Have you ever felt stressful, as apparently jobs await to come in a consecutive row, leaving you least space to simply have time to take a breath, literally?

Have you ever felt terrible for always screwing up your friends’ meeting up plan?

This month’s been hard…. but lessons learned. So yeah, I believe it’s just one path from zillions of ’em that will mold me into a better person.
Besides, the fun part does exist. I got stories, new friends, reunion with old friends, priceless experiences that ones might only able to dream of.

I shall not regret a thing.

Line of the month:

“Aku yang sekampus, bahkan sekelas sama Aya aja ngga pernah ketemu kok.” – Momon

Gyaaa :’>

Now that February’s coming to an end, let’s end this with a snapshot of Malang’s sunset;

Stay cihuy! Cheers!


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