March: Another Timewarp

Live young and free, like there’s no boundaries to worry.

– Gratsia Kancanamaya (March, 2012)


When you wonder how time elapsed as if it’s none, don’t you feel that slightest anxiety of what have you been doing…?






Hope they all worth something in the end.


Anyways, I start thinking that I should’ve been more avid in writing. Too many stuffs which kept untold; which I’ve been planning, really, but I just didn’t do that in the end. Other than that I think my writing skill’s rather dull……………… *sob*

As a closing, I’d like to thank March for the whole experiences – fun (adjudicating) trip in Solo, new friends from IFL Jakarta, the success of SoV Jogja, another adjudicating + formally coaching experiences, quality time(s) with my Teletubies, the tensed presentation in Tekom class, new brothers from campus next door, and last but not least… Running Man!


Bye, March. Be good, April <3


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