Being a perfectionist is like a double-edged sword – deadly to both parties, yet still favorable. #masochist (?)

@ayagratsia, 5th June 2012

Don’t you know how suck it feels having to choose one over zillion? Well, not that much sih, but still, each has its own importance, specialty, and sort of force-power I barely dismiss.

It’s not that I don’t want to, instead I want them all! But come on, do you think I can copy myself  into seven to accomplish each of them? The thing is, I have to choose, make priority list, include some and exclude the rest. Might be bitter but what else can I do?

We can never please everyone.

That’s the most feasible thing possible. Yet still, each forces themselves to be on top of priority. When can I please myself then?

My satisfaction comes when I do things – mostly which I desire, in a way I want them to be. Perfect. That’s what makes me a perfectionist. However, I sometimes can’t do what I favor, and even so, I still want them to be perfect.

Even when one does me wrong, I want it done in a perfect way as I desire it to be.

Now what to choose? I hate myself being indecisive, but I have to be wise rite? I put aside my impulsiveness for serious matters.

Alif   :   “It’s simple. Either you do it and do all the consequences start from now, or just don’t do it at all. It’s that simple, Ay. Uhm, wait, I know I know, it’s impossible for you since you’re this complicated type of person, rite? I know, you never changed.”

Life is full of options. Sometimes, we don’t need to over-think things and take them easy instead. But hey, I’m a perfectionist! Dealing with serious matters as simple is not enact-able!

[ problems unsolved ]

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