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12 October, 2012

Last Year with ‘One’ as Head

Age isn’t just numbers, it’s also an indicator of what and how much we’ve achieved in every addition of it.

Seeing it that way…. ain’t it sound terrifying if you look back and see how indiscernible your act/achievement is and its effect to others? Regardless that awful feeling one may feel, we must not deny that we can learn from it, by tracing back every path we’ve taken, the obstacles we’ve overcome, the glee we’ve cherished, the gloom we’ve got through, and the reminiscence we’ve treasured.

Aaaaand happy (belated) birthday to me!

This is the last year of my teenager life, since many says that an adult life begins at 20. So, yea…. I’m 19 now. And that kinda freaks me out. What if I haven’t done enough in life? What if I haven’t become the best of me? What if I’m not ready for adultery? What if….. nah~ I’ll keep those questions in mind and think of em myself so I can escape from public-ashamed hahahah.

Just like the previous birthdays I’ve always had, this year’s awesomeness goes on!!

However, this year’s was a bit different compared to the previous ones. Let me mark the differ; first, I spent it away from home — which was the first time ever, since I was in this summer program I underwent. Second, I was single. Third, I was single. Fourth, I was sing– mmkay. I can’t find any other than those two. Continue.

On the d-day, those DREaMers finally noticed because one of them checked facebook and found out my birthday. Since we were in the midst-of-nowhere a.k.a. this small village where signal is soooo rare and devastating, we did nothing much that day. Yet once we were back to town, they took me to a Japanese restaurant, treated the feast, and threw a karaoke party! Yayness goes to Monica, Emma, Amanda, Alex, and Chani! Mm..and by the end of the night, we — most of the DREaMers went to the club and partied til dawn!

Oh, I remember this conversation I had with Sho

S: Why didn’t you tell me earlier that your birthday is on this date? I could’ve prepared for it
A: Naaaa, I don’t think that’s necessary hehe
S: Aah.. You’re very nice and polite… I like it that way


Next was blast from #friend. They’re just awesome as they’ve always been. They are the best I’ve ever had!!

Since we (friend) admit that we’re not good in dealing with surprises, I guess they gave up trying and being frank instead hahahah. The package couldn’t be any obvious from it and I love them that way.


Now that I’ve mentioned it, a real surprise surprisingly came from my college buddies! Aaaaa I still remember how they — Momon, Ayumi, Indri, Sydney, and Egi suddenly streaked into my mom’s bedroom where I still laid down on bed that morning :”””””D

Four-leaves clover, don’t leave me just yet ∞