After All These Times… She Was Right

Arra : Mba aya tuh mirip olive oil yah
Aya & Rafiq : ….
Aya : Olive oil??
Arra : Err.. iya kan? Olive oiiil
Aya : Kok olive oil siiih
Arra : Itu lhooo cewenya Popeeeyee
Aya : Tapi tapi olive oil kan minyaaak
Arra : Aah ya pokoknya itu, ga tau gimana tulisannya pokonya olive nya popeeeye

Around one or two weeks after, together we typed “olive popeye” in google’s search tab.
And here’s the result…..



2 Comments to “After All These Times… She Was Right”

  1. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just realized how true they are!!!

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

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