Bye-Bye Bikini

Well, not that I ever plan to though, but still, it tickles me to think of wearing it :p

Anyways, that was the response coming from Hanif when he visited me in the hospital after the surgery. Yes, I had an appendix surgery in late September this year — I know, I know, it’s been two months from that day yet I had no time writing the story, so, yea~

The situation was kinda bad by the way. I’d been feeling the pain for quite a while, yet I (and my family) ignored it, until came the day when I groaned and whimpered all day since the pain was unbearably. After 3 days of check-ups and such, the doctor said it needed to be surged, and we agreed. It was told at 11 am, and the surgery was going to be at 1 pm. Boo-yaah!

In short, I gotta stay in the hospital for several days, plus I couldn’t drink nor eat until I fart. And this is the more suffering part: I did not eat anything for more than 60 hours. As much as I cried and begged to the nurses they still didn’t allow me, but hey, like you don’t know me; I rebel. And so did I, hahahahahahahaha I ate a piece of banana when my mom was asleep and the nurse had just changed my IV pack hahahahhahahaha thank God my colon was functioning already or else……. hahahahah thank God I survived!

Days in hospital were air-cond-less and boring. I could only lay in bed, moved a bit, learned to sit, stand up, and such, but couldn’t really do much. But happy happy happily some of my friends came to visit! I only let my close friends know the situation and they all came! Ttthaaank youuu I owe you guys much, really :’>

Now here comes the sad part: the scar. I think every surgery leaves scars, and mine is no exception, even though I’m living in this 21st century. However, mine wasn’t stitched — like I feared it to be, but it was glued, so the scar is only a simple line in 5,5cm length. My mom bought me a med, a cream that I have to apply to the scar to prevent it from swelling, and it somehow succeeded but the mark’s not gone at all…..

So here I am, in my 19 years old, now living with a bold scar on around my tummy, and I can’t wear bikini!

— eh, I can, but not as hot Hanif said :’p


4 Comments to “Bye-Bye Bikini”

  1. You’d better not be wearing a bikini even without that scar! Kamu masi kecil hahaha

  2. Eh ya gak gitu lah ya ampuun -_-

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