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10 December, 2012

Final Exams’ Tips (?)

Dad: Kamu mau ujian tegang nggak?
Me  : Enggak
Dad: Kalo gitu nonton film horror sana…

Tips ujian ala Daddy: harus tegang. Kalo misalnya engga tegang…… pokoknya harus.

10 December, 2012

His Arrival

This is how I began my December ~

These joy and laughters are overwhelming. In a good way of course ♥

8 December, 2012

For this one time, listen to me carefully,

For me,  it’s always been you. Always. I’ve tried to fight and deny it but I can’t. You’re undeniable.

– The O.C. (TV Series)

1 December, 2012

Once A Favorite, Always A Favorite

That favorite guy of yours who filled your childhood with bedtime stories,
who backed you up from your mom’s errand or prohibition,
who tells you every day that you’re pretty;
that someday you’ll be a very beautiful young lady.

That favorite guy of yours who gets mad at you sometimes,
for coming home late,
for hanging out with naughty kids,
for your mean words,
and once made you deter from having a bad circle of friendship.

That favorite guy of yours who guides you,
in determining who you want to be in the future,
who allows you to make your own decision about college,
who supports you,
who tells you that he’s gonna fulfill whatever your wants and needs.

That favorite guy of yours whom you wanna treasure your whole life,
whom you look up to in tailoring your path to success,
whom you look up to in choosing your future companion.

That favorite guy of yours, who will always be your favorite,
your Father.

“And mine is coming home today♥”

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