A Venture of Solitude

Sometimes, you might need.........

Feeling miserable, thinking of how pathetic you are and how pitiful your life is, you just ain’t see life as something happy. You are unhappy. THAT unhappy you feel unable to mingle.

“Why don’t you mingle with people?” “Don’t you have your friends?” “Why don’t you share your burdens with them?” “Why don’t you ask them a favor to cheer you up?”

Because you can’t always have the stage and the spotlights, with all eyes and ears on you. People have their own life, activities, worries, and they don’t need you to add their problems. They have enough already. We can have problems, and so can others.

Might as well wanting people to weep with you, crying all over your problems and pity your life. We may feel sad, sadder or even saddest, but that doesn’t justify us from forcing people to be sad for us. Instead, happiness may be overwhelming them while we’re troubled in sorrow. Who knows? And when that happens, that would be ridiculous if we don’t allow them to be happy. We can’t blame people from being happy when we’re not.

Hence, a decision to create some space sounds like a viable solution, no? In that absence of guilt from burdening others, we can get a moment of solitude to think things through; trying to straighten out the tangled thoughts and jumbled feelings. However, we gotta keep in mind that this seclusion ain’t for good. The world won’t wait. It keeps turning around and life goes on while we’re stuck in this ‘stagnancy’.

But during that moment of ‘astral-projection’-alike, an endear friend kept searching, sending inquiries, even retrieving information through a third party. The same person keeps shocking me with his genuine kindness, by showing a breathtaking level of how-devoted-a-best-friend-would-do-anything-for-us to me. I still remember the very same person popped up at my place with a can of coffee and a bar of chocolate right after I broke up with my ex.. when I was choked by tears I barely had the capacity to say a word on phone.. And countless times that person asks how I’m doing and simply gives me a pat on the head to get me through the days.. I can say nothing but thank you to this person. I am blessed. I am grateful, indeed.

Now that days have passed and serenity’s regained, it’s time to open the shades and let the sun shine on thy, people bump on thy, and thy enjoy life to its fullest ∞


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