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23 January, 2013

Reminiscence // Despair

If this ain’t love, I don’t know what is.

Even if my life were to change....

The tender gaze, soothing voice, and earnest preserverance ~
I pity how those remain… as empty words now.

Guess it just never was, huh?

8 December, 2012

For this one time, listen to me carefully,

For me,  it’s always been you. Always. I’ve tried to fight and deny it but I can’t. You’re undeniable.

– The O.C. (TV Series)

3 April, 2012

Shimmer Summer

It’s never been easy, indeed, but apparently it’s not impossible. Guess the dissonance’s coping’s succeeded by now. Woohoo~

Next summer, I’m after you! :)

24 January, 2012

#5. Closure: The Prayer

God: “Grace. You want her back?”
Bruce Nolan: “No. I want her to be happy, no matter what that means. I want her to find someone who will treat her with all the love she deserved from me. I want her to meet someone who will see her always as I do now, through Your eyes.”
God: “Now THAT’s a prayer.”
– (Bruce Almighty, 2003)
Now that is my prayer too.. :)
24 January, 2012

#4. Finally, My Gratitude

Been falling too deep it makes me hard to let go.

Been flying too high I’m not eager to crash the land.

Been dreaming too much I begin to forget reality.

Been being so weak I start losing maturity.

Been away so long I find it hard to listen to You.


Maybe I would never realize I have a family that genuinely loves me; unrequited love.

Maybe I would never realize I have a bunch of people that claim themselves as my ‘friends‘ and show their care to me; they contact me, pay a visit to my home, hang out with me, cheer me up, listen to my stories, skip class/activities just to see me when I ask them to meet up, call me just to see how I’m doing, text me just to ask how’s my day, everyday… Ain’t those just sweet and inevitably thoughtful? :’) Yes, maybe I would never be able to treasure my friends this much.

Maybe I would never realize how the ones I rarely meet also care for me just so much, the ones who seem distant in social level care, know, feel sorry, and try to raise me up… Touché.

Maybe I would never really cherish my time and what’s in front of me; just like you said. I think too much of the distant ones and less-enjoy what’s happening right on my face. I was a fool, really.


So here I am, conveying my gratitude to you, for you’ve been one of the most influencing teachers of mine. Yes, each person I’ve met in my life is a teacher to me; this thought came into my mind after the great guru (a friend who can’t be named) taught me.

I also come to my own thoughts (original one, finally!) :

We must not be heartless in relationships. But it is always necessary to use our heart less.

Gratsia Kancanamaya (January, 2012)


Thank you :)