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18 January, 2013

Such a tender way to end 2012 <3


Dua hari di rumah. Mulai bosan. Mengajak prakanca, banyak yang menolak. Alasan macet katanya. Tapi di kala liburan gini, kalo ngikutin malesnya macet, nggak bakal keluar rumah akhirnya.

#Impulsif1 Menculik Aya, belum tahu mau kemana. Akhirnya ke rumah Salman, berniat menculik dia. Ternyata ada Zaki sekalian yang minta diculik. Lalu kami semua lapar. Pengen kupat tahu. #Impulsif2 Berangkatlah ke Magelang hahaha. Modal nekat, bensin separo, dan pengetahuan jalan seadanya.


Yeah, I’m the one who driving. PP. Dua pria di belakang itu bisa nyetir semua, fyi. Dasarnya kurang ajar aja mereka. Sampai di kota Magelang, makan kupat tahu Pak Slamet di daerah alun-alun. Ajib, enak nian. Kami semua kelaparan, udah lewat jam makan siang, gerimis, dan kupat tahu yang maknyus.

Sebelum pulang, mampir Artos. Yeah #Impulsif3-4. Kita semua nggak tahu jalan. Ternyata parkir masuk artos dialihkan, kalo puter balik males soalnya macet panjang. Sok tahu belok masuk kampung. Main logika. Tapi…

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20 June, 2012

A Relieve of Despair

Nanda : “Aya aya, sedih banget, kita besok dah berangkat ke Bali, dan kamu ga ikut :(“

I’ve finally made my decision! It wasn’t an easy one, really. If it was, the previous post wouldn’t even be there :’)

Thank you to those who’ve been kindly willing to listen and understand.
And thanks to Nanda, it really means a lot :””’)
Aaah I’m so missing my fellow Surakarta debaters!!

19 July, 2011

18th Blast!

Late post, I know. But I believe it’s never too late to share happiness! :D

Exactly last week, 12th July 2011 was my 18th birthday. I was shrouded in joy 24 hours non stop! Thanks to my dearest boyfie, my family, my awesome #friend, my IFL fellas, and all of my friends! :’D

Thank you boyfie for your first blast right when that day came..

Thank you #friend for the surprise and the cutesy handmade curtain..

Thank you IFL fellas and all of my friends for the kind greetings; live, via SMS, twitter, and facebook..

Thank you boyfie for the sweet bouquet of flowers, for the sun-like dress, for the short-yet-lovely dinner date, and for all the love you’ve constantly poured down to me..

Thank you my family for the dinner, the surprise, and simply for everything..

Boyfie's; date - bouquet - dress - moi


Ilma's Patrick papercraft - #FRIEND's handmade curtain


Family's blast


Superb!♡ xx

23 May, 2011

Tracing Back the Path

Yesterday, 22nd of May 2011, was one of the most memorable day in my life. It was my graduation ceremony; graduation of 2011 class of SMA Negeri 8 Yogyakarta.


Joy, pride, anxiety, sadness, all mixed up in once. Stunned me, and a saying from my buddy was recalled in my head..

He said that we would feel the exact feeling of being a part of Delayota when we were about to graduate. Because there are these phases:

10th grade : It’s a time when we’re all shrouded in the euphoria of being a High School student. We brag for our uniforms, we hang out in malls or elsewhere wearing uniforms, we want to show the world that we are now entering a new world; a world that defines teenagers’ life best.

11th grade : It’s a time when we’re ‘competing’ for ‘existence‘. We participate in committees of stuffs, letting us busy holding events, enslave ourselves to show abilities or merely for ‘existence’ (for some people, who knows?). We hang around with people, trying to get fame from peers. Might as well ignore studying :p

12th grade : We see a gate at front, and we know that we’re going to go through it. We acknowledge that it’s just a matter of time; months, weeks, days left. Then we start to look back, seeing the 2 years we’ve been through, comprehending what we’ve done for the past 2 years, and realize how important each person is. They might seem common, our friends. Because something special, if it happens regularly, it may become something common. But when we trace back our memories, we start noticing, that they mean so much to us..

Dear friends, teachers, and all family of Delayota, each of you guys have spread your own lines and colors in my life, spicing it up, and creating your own spaces in my memory.. I’m sorry for this late epiphany.. I’m sorry if I often misbehaved.. And thank you, for being a part of my life..

I’ll miss y’all guys.. :’)

9 March, 2011

Happy Feast!

So this is a belated-Dillo’s-birthday-treat! :D hahaha. How come this is not belated; her birthday was on 7th of February but the treat was last week, to be exact on 3rd March! LOLs

All in all, it was as fun thou. Regarding the busy schedule of each of us, it made us hardly ever go together as a full team: FRIEND. Therefore, we won’t waste a time when we can hang out and rock the day! \m/

Oya oya, forgotten story :B

So we were planning to go to Mozarella, a pizza booth at Galeria Mall. I went there on Njx’s ride, and we got ‘kebanan’ just exactly when we reached the mall *sigh* How lucky we could’ve been, eh? So Njx and I had a trauma upon this occurence – we’ve occured this twice-in-a-row when we were on the 11th grade. Long story. Yak, so we straightly pushed the motorbike to the nearest ‘tambal ban’ which was not near at all, especially when you have to push a Vario with the engine dead .__. We were planning to leave the motorbike there and went back to Galeria to eat, but apparently the process didn’t take a long time so we waited. Buuuut, we brought no wallet! We left our wallets in our bags and they were brought by our friends. Hahahaha. Fortunately Njx brought some cash in her pocket, but the money wasn’t enough, so we owed to that mas-mas and promised that we would come back later with the money! Hahahaha shameful shameful :”>

Nevertheless, we made it to Mozarella and ordered 6 small pan pizzas with 4 different toppings.  I couldn’t differ any of them thou, they all tasted the same -__- haha.

Regardless the unlucky events – ‘kebanan’ and a fight with my bf :( , we still had some fun and took silly pics there! :D